Women helping women: ashley sumner and gianna wurzl, one roof

Women helping women: ashley sumner and gianna wurzl, one roof
"make my daily to do list and get on with it"

After two years running physical spaces, with a traditional co-working membership model, One Roof is pivoting to focus on building a business that does not cater solely to the top 1%. They are building an online marketplace that empowers women to create a community for themselves. The women at One Roof are able to collaborate with the other small businesses who share the work space, as well as hold meditation sessions, education workshops, yoga and coaching events. Co-founders Ashley Sumner and Gianna Wurzl envision growing the number of female entrepreneurs worldwide by reimagining the way women work, connect and educate one another. In honor of Women’s History Month, we were lucky enough to interview both Ashley and Gianna about what inspires them and how they are making the world a better place for women.

Three words you like to use to describe the work you do through your organization.

    Ashley + Gianna: Support, connect, educate.

    What is your morning ritual?

      Ashley + Gianna: Meditate for 20 minutes, homemade bulletproof coffee, walk for an hour, make my daily to do list and get on with it!

      What volunteer or work experiences have you had that have shaped who you are today?

        Ashley: The inspiration to connect people started at a very young age. My intuition always knew when two people needed to met. My first career was a matchmaker, then built community for large brands such as  NeueHouse, Wanderlust + Breakout which inspired me to join G on her mission with One Roof and focus on supporting women and our professional rights.

        What in your life has brought or given you the greatest satisfaction or fulfillment?

          Gianna: Starting One Roof two years ago. To find out two women have met organically through One Roof and are now supporting one another, without us connecting them, is incredible. There is such power in women supporting other women

          Is there a woman in history who has influenced you in life? And why?

            Gianna: Emmeline Pankhurst who led the Suffragette movement fighting for a woman’s right to vote. I can’t imagine how challenging this must have been and the amount of belief, hope and perseverance it took.

             Favorite book?

              Ashley and Gianna: The Prophet and The Book of Joy.

              Tell us about another woman you know helping or inspiring women today.

              Ashley and Gianna: Emily Greener from I Am That Girl





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